Honor Winds

6th Period (12:52-1:36)

The Honor Winds is the premiere performing group with preparation for the high school band program as a primary objective. Students will perform at multiple concerts throughout the school year. Students will also have the opportunity to perform at the solo and ensemble contest and the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Evaluation. Instrumentation is limited to those who show advanced performance abilities and superior attitudes. Members are selected by audition.


  • JT Hutchinson Band Shirt (will be ordered through the school)

  • Solid Black Socks and Shoes (not provided)

  • Solid Black Dress Pants (provided)

  • White Button-Up Dress Shirt (provided)

  • Bow tie (provided)

  • Green Band Jacket (provided)

  • Black Formal Dress (provided for female members)

Textbook: 1” Back Binder and 5 Dividers (Provided)